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Trademark registration: what, what for, how and why?

Trademark – is a powerful tool that allows you to personalize the company’s products or services, to stand out in the market. There are five types of trademarks: word marks, figurative marks, sound trademarks, three-dimensional trademarks, collective trademarks. In any case, the possibility to label your own products in such way and be sure that the “foreign” goods will not be labeled as a specific trademark appears only after its registration.

Stages of the trademark registration process:

  1. Checking represented trademark for uniqueness, i.e. the determination whether there are analogues in the database of the Patent Office of the Russian Federation.
  2. Document preparation, as well as filling the application for registration (requirements can be specified on the FIPS official website).
  3. Payment of state fees for basic and formal examination, as well as for registration itself.
  4. Submission of documents.
  5. Obtaining a registration certificate.

Benefits of trademark registration:

  • Acquisition of a comprehensive ownership of the trademark;
  • Hardening of product label, the growing trust of partners and customers;
  • The possibility to recover damages for the use of the trademark by other companies.

Trademark registration will establish confidence in the main intangible asset of your enterprise.

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