Company logo registration

How to register a company logo?

Company logo in practice is the most important form of a trademark, which aims to personalize the image of products and services, allocate them among competitors. However, to secure the rights to the trademark, you need to register it in the manner provided by law.

Registration of your company logo is time consuming and formal process that is extremely difficult to carry out as an inexperienced person. The most rational solution is to entrust it to professionals who know all details of the legislative framework, as well as working peculiarities of public authorities.

After carrying out the necessary procedures for the registration, the owner of the exclusive rights to this logo obtains the trademark registration certificate. Having received certificate, you can be sure that all rights to the logo now is owned by your company. After that no one can use the same or similar logo without your consent throughout all territory of the Russian Federation.

Each application is checked by Rospatent for compliance with the requirements of the law of trademarks. So declared logo should not be similar to others already registered logos, contain elements of state symbols, lead to consumer confusion, as well as many other requirements.

Our law firm has extensive experience in performing various tasks regarding the registration and protection of intellectual property rights. Contacting us, you can be sure that your company’s logo registration will be done quickly and without hassle. Applications submitted by us always go through to Rospatent at the first time. This is the result of careful preparation for each submission and high professional level of our patent attorneys.


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