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«Card Patent» is a very special law firm because relying on long-term experience and high professionalism of employees it provides clients with the services that go far beyond standard offers on patenting.

«Card Patent» renders services in registration, protection and complex management of intellectual property of the client.

Trademark identity, uniqueness of an invention, originality of design of a product are valuable and at the same time very vulnerable assets. Its protection includes plenty of unevident nuances and disputed aspects and a deep analysis is necessary.

For this reason our law firm renders services on:
  • preparation and registration of trademarks, inventions, useful models, industrial samples both in Russia and abroad;
  • registration of transition of an exclusive right to other persons;
  • preparation and registration of licenses, contracts of commercial concession;
  • protection of production and services from unfair competitors in the market;
  • carrying out patent researches;
  • representation in court;
  • consulting and development of optimum ways of management of intellectual property;

Preventing and resolving quickly all difficult problems connected with patenting, «Card Patent» has built up a reputation of an authoritative expert and reliable partner in the market.

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Trademark is a symbol used to individualize goods and/or services provided by market participants, both legal entities and businessmen.

Utility Model

An utility model is a technical improvement of already existing or again created mechanism or device, a new embodiment of idea which allows to solve a certain problem in any area of engineering.

Invention is a new solution of a task in any sphere that gives a positive effect and relates to a device, substance, a microorganism strain, culture of cells of plants or animals and also to a method.
Industrial Sample

Industrial sample is a new original solution of a product defining its design and properties: its form, configuration, ornament and combination of colors.

Copyright is an established by the legislation right of some persons to works of science, literature or art created by creative activity of the same or other persons.

A contract provides and guarantees realization and protection of property rights of a right-holder.
International Registration

Trademark registration according to Madrid procedude.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to recieve a patent for an invention, an utility model patent, patent for a design and a certificarte of trademark?
Normally, an utility model patent may be received in 6 months period after you have applied for a patent. A patent for an invention, a patent for a design and a certificate of trademark are granted in 1-1,5 years period and more after the application for a patent has been filed.
Why is it necessary to register trademarks?
The registration of a trademark gives to the owner the right to use this symbol in order to individualize works, goods and services; to use in order to label the product or use it for advertising, etc. The owner of a trademark can also prohibit the use of this symbol by other people without his permission and can grant a right to any interested party to use a trademark.
Can a natural person be the owner of a trademark?
No, legal entity or sole proprietor only may apply for a trademark.
Is it necessary to make a search before the application for a trademark is filed to Rospatent?
The search may let you evaluate the novelty and the originality of your trademark. If you apply for a patent without a search, your registration may be refused, while the fees that have been paid are not refunded. The search let identify possible obstacles in registration and evaluate perspectives of receiving a positive decision. Moreover, the search is necessary to run your business safely since it helps to ascertain if you violate someone’s rights, and also to avoid legal costs in the future.
Does the indication of some certain classes of International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks in the application mean that in the future the company may use a trademark only within these classes? Should the classes of International Classification of Goods and Services indicated in the application coincide with the scope of activity of the company that wants to register a trademark?
You indicate those classes that coincide with the goods and services that you make and provide (or that you plan to do in the future). So that the classes that you have chosen should match your scope of activity. The registration of a trademark for those classes that you do not use and do not intent to use in the future doesn’t make sense as you should pay fees for each additional class i.e. bear additional expenses. In addition, further a trademark right for those classes that you don’t use may be terminated by the court.
If the trademark was registrated for one company, may we transfer all the rights on it to another company?

The owner of a trademark may give the right of use of a trademark by license agreement. In such agreement should identify all the rights, the period of use and the territory where the use of a trademark is allowed, the amount of remuneration and others conditions. The person who is given the right of use of a trademark is allowed only within the limits set by law.

The owner of a trademark may transfer all the rights on a trademark to another person by a contract of alienation. In this case the person who obtains the rights on a trademark under the contract becomes a new owner of this trademark. License agreements and contracts of alienation are subject to compulsory state registration.
How can a program product be registrated?
The registration of a program product in Rospatent is useful if you are planning to sell it, take part in tenders, etc. To register a program you need to have parts of its original text and information of a program (its functions, type of software that is used, operating system, etc). Usually, the registration of a program product takes 2 months.
How can the invention and the utility model be registrated abroad?

To register inventions and utility models abroad it is necessary to identify the list of countries where you want to make a registration. Must be taking into account that utility models are not being protected in all the countries. If there are few countries in the list, then it is useful to apply for registration directly to these countries.

If the list is big, it is recommended to make an international application under the RTNs procedure. This application may be filed:

  1. Being based on an application on invention / utility model filed earlier;
  2. Being based on an Eurasian application filed earlier via Rospatent;
  3. If the application has Russian Federation as a state where the applicant intents to receive a patent.

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